Window replacement, different than “New Construction Windows,” is specifically for those looking to install a brand new window in an existing opening to “replace” an old, worn, inefficient, or broken window.

Door Replacement

Door replacement, different than “New Construction Doors,” is specifically for those looking to install a brand new door in an existing opening to “replace” an old, worn, inefficient, or broken door.

Historical restoration of windows, which involves older, wood frames, is a way to clean and revitalize a window as to maintain it’s original appearance and character. This can include stripping the paint from the frame, repairing damages to the wood, cleaning and or replacing the glass followed by the glazing, and finishing with new paint or stain. For an example, please click here and scroll to the Governor’s Mansion pictures.

Historic Replacement

Historic replacement is similar to restoration, but does not keep the original windows themselves. In restoration, the existing sashes and frames are given new life, while in the replacement, the existing frame is kept but the sashes are brand new. Each frame has an insert that holds the sash in place. The replacement process will remove existing track and hardware and then a new sash kit is installed, which fits into and is fastened to the frame.

We offer a Free No-Obligation Estimate for all projects. It is necessary for us to provide a true estimate for each project due to the many styles, options and configurations that each individual project requires. Each home or building is unique and may have unique requirements that change the pricing for your window and/or door replacement project. Schedule your Free Estimate today!

Professional Installation

We provide professional installation services for each one of our window and door replacement projects. An important factor that makes us different is that we use our own window and door installation professionals, all of whom have been vetted and trusted by us to follow our procedures and get the job done correctly. Our installation crews are licensed, insured and are up to date on the most current training and certifications for safety and proficiency.

We will provide ongoing service and maintenance for all of our window and door replacement projects. Our guarantee- we will fix any door or window installation related defects or issues that may arise after the project is complete. If the customer is responsible for a broken window or screen, we will inspect the problem and provide a fair estimate to fix it. Each issue will be evaluated to determine the cause, and we will stand behind our work to fix any issues related to product defects, product malfunction, and installation related issues. We are an honest and straight forward company that will work with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction.