Window replacement is beneficial in so many ways, but how do you know when your home needs it?

Some of the many benefits of window replacement include improved energy efficiency in your home, lower utility bills and increased comfort. However, many people don’t get their windows replaced when they should because they simply don’t know that they need to be replaced. That’s why, in our latest blog, we went over a few signs that you need window replacement. Here are a few more signs that your Cheyenne home needs new windows:

#4. You can no longer lock your windows.

Windows that can’t be locked need to be replaced as soon as possible. Not only is having windows that won’t lock a huge security issue, but the locking mechanism is also essential for sealing your windows.

#5. You have to jerry-rig your windows to keep them open or closed.

If you have to use a piece of wood to prop your windows open or nails to keep your windows shut, you have a problem on your hands. Your windows need to stay open or closed on their own, and if they can’t, they need to be replaced.

#6. Your windows get frosted.

Believe it or not, if your windows are frosted, it’s a sign that they need to be replaced. Frost is actually an indicator that your windows have structurally compromised panes, and one cold frost could leave you with shattered windows.

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