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  2. Buy 2 Andersen 100 Series windows get 1 FREE

    Buy 2 Andersen 100 Series windows get 1 FREE! Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and have your windows replaced. Contact Lomax today for a free in home estimate on our Andersen 100 Series windows. When you buy two, you can get the third one free! Installation included. *Certain restrictions may apply*…Read More

  3. Why You Need a Sliding Glass Door for Your Fort Collins Home

    Welcome back to our blog! At Lomax Window & Door Co., we want to make sure you always have the most efficient windows and doors for your Fort Collins home. In our last few blogs, we have primarily focused on windows for the home, and what type may look best in your house. In this post, we are going to switch gears and focus on the door of your home in Fort Collins. A door can say a lot about a…Read More

  4. The BFG on Quality Windows

    We love the book "the BFG." While the owner was reading it to her kids the other night, she came across the quote below. We all laughed and found it so fitting for our company! "The BFG was an expert on windows. He had opened thousands of them over the years to blow his dreams into children's bedrooms. Some windows got stuck. some were wobbly. Some creaked. He was pleased to find that the Queen's …Read More

  5. Picture Windows for Your Fort Collins Home

    In our last blog, we went over all the different types of windows you can place in your Fort Collins home. Lomax Windows & Doors Co. is your number one resource for replacement windows. We offer great service and installation practices. When it comes to windows, we don’t mess around. We always want to make sure your home windows are exactly what you need. There are many different types of wi…Read More

  6. Window Types For Your Window Replacement

    When it comes to windows for your home, they are similar to our eyes. The windows of your house are what give you views out to the world. Windows can make or break the appearance of your home. Many people don’t realize there are many different varieties other than the standard window. At Lomax Window & Door Co. we want you to know all the great styles you can implement into your home for you…Read More

  7. Why Winter is the Best Time To Replace Your Windows and Doors

    When you are deciding to replace your windows and doors within your Fort Collins home, it is important to consider when the best time to do that is, and ironically enough, that time is just around the corner. Winter is the best time to replace your doors and windows because it will help lower your heating costs throughout the season. At Lomax Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, we want to make sure…Read More


    If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been discussing why it's important to have a doggy entrance and exit if you have a furry friend you need to be away from time to time. The benefits of one of our replacement doors by Amerimax is not only the convenience but ingenuity and style as well. At Lomax Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, we want to make your lives more simple by installing…Read More

  9. Why You Should Get A Door Replacement With a Doggy Entrance

    When we think about our furry friends, we want what's best for them. They are a part of our family like anyone else and are treated as so. However, our canine partners in crime sometimes need a little more protection when it comes to living in your Colorado home. If you have never considered having a door replacement added to your home with a doggy door, we think you should highly reconsider. At L…Read More