In our last blog, we went over all the different types of windows you can place in your Fort Collins home. Lomax Windows & Doors Co. is your number one resource for replacement windows. We offer great service and installation practices. When it comes to windows, we don’t mess around. We always want to make sure your home windows are exactly what you need.
There are many different types of windows for your home, but the picture window is one that always stands out as pretty as a picture. It simplistic quality is what we love about this addition to your home. This window can fit any style and is great in any room within your Fort Collins home.

Use Picture Windows in Your Home


Upgrade your home with some window replacements. Not just any window replacement though; picture windows. Picture windows add a ton of light to any space. Combining different windows together with your picture window can make for a fantastic display. One idea is to combine casement windows on either side of your picture window for a streamlined look. Another suggestion is to add an awning window under your picture window for a more country feel. There are so many ideas you can use when starting with a picture window as your main focal point for your replacement window.


We keep reiterating this, but this is our favorite attribute about picture windows: Let light soar. Sunlight in the home can benefit you for many reasons. Sunlight is great for keeping spirits up, helping animals who are indoors alone, and lower energy bills in your home. Fort Collins is a beautiful city located very close to the mountains. If you have a mountain view from your home, frame it like a portrait with a picture window. There are many different layouts you can try with your window replacements. One idea is to have an entire window wall full of picture windows. We will make sure your windows will fit and look spectacular in your Fort Collins home.


If you have a home with plenty of height, such as with a vaulted ceiling, picture windows would be a great asset to your Fort Collins home. These windows don’t need to be open, so putting them in high places won’t be a problem at all. These windows will add gorgeous design to the empty spaces within the higher parts of your interior house. You can do something really simplistic or go for a designed glass pane to give your house a look you’ve always dreamed of.
Picture windows would be a wonderful addition to any home in Fort Collins. At Lomax Windows & Door Co., windows are our passion. We want to replace your windows with something functional and beautiful for your home. Check out our window vendors and see all the amazing styles they have to offer. Once you feel ready to replace your windows give us a call, we can help you every step of the way!