When you are deciding to replace your windows and doors within your Fort Collins home, it is important to consider when the best time to do that is, and ironically enough, that time is just around the corner. Winter is the best time to replace your doors and windows because it will help lower your heating costs throughout the season. At Lomax Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, we want to make sure you are toasty and warm all winter long. If you think you may need to replace windows and doors within your home, give us a call now, so we can get you prepared for the cold months to come!

Signs Your Windows or Doors Need Replacing


If you are examining your windows and you see condensation on the inside, that means there is a way for air to get in from the outside. This can also create mold and rot from the unwanted moisture. This problem is telling you that your window seal is not airtight anymore and they need to be replaced.


If you notice that your windows or doors are letting cold air in and not keeping warm air stable, this is a big problem. You want to find the source of the draft because this is affecting your heating costs. If you have drafts that are persistent, it is time to look into replacing your windows and doors with Lomax.


If your windows are some of the more difficult to clean, window technology has vastly improved and it might be time to consider some replacements for your Fort Collins home. You want to be able to keep your windows clean all year round, and if that’s too difficult with the ones you currently have in place, it is time replace the old with some new and improved windows.


If your doors and windows are not locking properly, this is not only an energy issue but a safety issue. You want to make sure everything is airtight so air can’t get in, and neither can intruders. If you feel like the locks are sticking or they just aren’t closing at all, it is time for some new windows and doors for your Fort Collins home.
If you are experiencing any of these aforementioned issues, it is time to replace your windows and doors within your home. This will help for so many reasons, but the reason to complete this installation in winter is simple:

  • Promotions– Many window and door companies, such as ourselves, will have promotions because we know how important it is for you and your family to stay safe and warm during the winter months.
  • Cost – Installing replacement windows and doors will impact your energy costs, in a good way. You won’t have worry about losing heat within your home because you will have durable and efficient windows and doors to last.
  • Turnaround – The turnaround time for window and door installation is far less because we just aren’t as busy as other times of the year, plus we value the heat in your home, so make sure we are quick and efficient.

The time is now to replace your windows and doors in Fort Collins. Lomax Windows and Doors are here to help you stay warm and save money during the winter months. Call us today to schedule your installation of your new windows and doors!