If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been discussing why it’s important to have a doggy entrance and exit if you have a furry friend you need to be away from time to time. The benefits of one of our replacement doors by Amerimax is not only the convenience but ingenuity and style as well. At Lomax Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, we want to make your lives more simple by installing doors that serve purposes other than just opening and closing.

Here are some more great reasons to consider getting one of our door replacements installed


It’s is never fun to come home after a long day at work and find your furry friend left you a present – and not the good kind. Accidents happen, but they are just a burden to deal with. With a doggy door, this will help lessen the frequency of accidents and keep you and your furball happy. If you have a little puppy or even a family friend that has been around for years, the likelihood of accidents increases. Pets have a great ability to sense when you are upset with them, so don’t get upset; install one of our new replacement doors instead.


Pets are very attuned to the environment around them. Dogs have a higher hearing capability than humans do, which is why many people consider their dogs the protectors of themselves and their household. If your dog senses danger or an intruder, they will be your very first alarm system. With the doggy entrance, they will be able to get outside and alert your neighborhood that something isn’t right. Also, if you ever had a sudden attack such as heart attack, stroke, or have just passed out, your dog will be able to go through the doggy door and try to alert people around as well. Your furry friend might just save your life, and all because you thought to get a replacement door.


Sometimes, when dogs need to go out, they will scratch at the door, especially if they are in a room where the door is closed completely. This can cause damage over time, and hurt your pup in the process. We discussed in our previous blog how some canines will express negative behavior when they are bored or can’t get outside. They could possibly ruin multiple things in your home. Avoid all of this stress, and get one of our replacement doors with a doggy door. It will save you so much hassle and costly repairs in the long run.
We at Lomax Windows and Doors think a replacement door with a doggy door is a great solution for you and your favorite furball. Our doors are equipped with the elements and will add a great look to your already stylish home. Our installers are professional and precise when it comes to placing your new replacement door in your Fort Collins home. Contact us today if you’re interested in making your life a little easier, and getting a quote for your new replacement door!