When we think about our furry friends, we want what’s best for them. They are a part of our family like anyone else and are treated as so. However, our canine partners in crime sometimes need a little more protection when it comes to living in your Colorado home.

If you have never considered having a door replacement added to your home with a doggy door, we think you should highly reconsider. At Lomax Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, we want your doors and windows to fit the aesthetic and lifestyle of your home. Installing one of Amerimax doors will incorporate style and functionality for your home.

Here are some reasons you should consider a door replacement with a doggy door: 


Many of the unenjoyable aspects of owning a pet will simply be erased from the equation with the addition of a doggy door. Instead of your furry pal waking you up in the middle of the night to go outside, he can just let himself out by using your new replacement door from Amerimax. No more 6 am or 1 am wake ups from your pooch. Also, if you work long hours you won’t have to feel guilt about not letting your dog outside, they can come and go as they please with your new doggy door. Your family will save time and energy, and your pet will be happy and never have to wait on you to groggily get out of bed.


Because your pup will have the ability to go outside when he or she pleases, this will help them stay active and healthy. Your dog will be able to go outside and explore the abyss of your yard and do it on their own terms, which is a freeing feeling for your canine pal. This will help your pet stay mentally stimulated and be more alert throughout the day. You won’t have to feel guilty of not being able to give your pup the exercise he needs because he will have the choice himself.


Many people don’t realize this but, if there was an emergency and your pet needed to get outside, such as a fire, and you weren’t home, how would they get there? Unfortunately, they probably wouldn’t and they would be in grave danger. Installing one of our replacement doors with a built in doggy door will save your pet from this scenario and they will be able to get outside before it’s too late. Another perk of the door, and we don’t condone this, is when people leave their pets outside all day. In harsh weather climates, such as Colorado, this is never a good idea because dogs can only take so much cold or heat, similar to people. Our doggy door allows you to keep your furry friend inside, and go outside when needed.


So many dogs, depending on the breed, are active by nature. When they get bored they may become destructive in your home, and we never want that. This can lead to them chewing on furniture or other things in their path, going through the garbage, or having accidents in the house on purpose. Installing one of our replacement doors will help you avoid these scenarios because the pup will be able to keep themselves active, even when you’re not there. This will lessen the chance of your pal destroying things you love in, and about your home.
If you have a furry friend that you absolutely adore and want to give the best life, get one of our replacement doors. At Lomax Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, we want to help make you home everything it could be. Installing one of our replacement doors with the built in doggy entrance will help you and your family out tremendously. Contact us today for a quote on your new replacement door!