When it comes to windows for your home, they are similar to our eyes. The windows of your house are what give you views out to the world. Windows can make or break the appearance of your home. Many people don’t realize there are many different varieties other than the standard window. At Lomax Window & Door Co. we want you to know all the great styles you can implement into your home for your window replacement in Fort Collins.

Learn all the different styles of window replacement for your Fort Collins home

First and foremost, you need to know the window’s primary function for your home. The window is designed to help let light and air in. Windows also affect the design aesthetic of your home. You must pay attention to different window styles, so your home has the same design theme throughout, if that’s what you desire.

Double-Hung Windows

This type of window is very common in most Fort Collins homes. These windows have two operating functions so that you can open the window from the top and the bottom. The nice perk of these windows is that the window remains in the frame. This is so the window won’t be buldge out of your home and interfere with a screen. These windows are functional and practical for most rooms within your home.

Casement Windows

These windows are hinged and are operated by turning a crank, so the window can swing out to let air in. The hinge can be on the right or left, depending on where you will be placing this window in your Fort Collins home. The window is durable and classic in style. These windows will look good in most rooms in your house, but make sure you have some privacy curtains since these windows tend to be larger.

Awning Windows

These windows are beautiful and functional in your home. They are hinged on the bottom and open at an outwards angle so your home can get air from the outside. The window can open from the left, right, or even the bottom. They can be installed above, alongside, or below a stationary window, to add more design to your home.

Picture Window

This window is simple yet timeless. It is a square shape with one pane of glass that usually cannot be opened. These windows are versatile and can be combined with other window designs. It is also is a great way to showcase the beautiful outdoors and mountainscapes in Colorado. These windows offer the most light into your home, so they are perfect during that Fort Collins sunshine.

Transom Windows

These windows are usually narrow but can open from either side to let the most air in. This air can also be made to be stationary and not let any air in, and be more so for display. This window looks lovely in most areas of the house but could be great for a living room or bathroom area.

Slider Windows

These windows are made with a track like system, they will able to open smoothly and in one motion. The window will be over to glide over the other with ease since its double pane. This window replacement is great if you are going for more of a modern and contemporary look for your Fort Collins home.

Stationary Windows

These windows, as we have discussed before, do not actually open and are more for aesthetic purposes. These can be customized to fit most areas within your home and can be many angles and shapes. These types are also found in many contemporary styles homes. Mixing these windows with operating ones gives a nice look and functionality.

Bay and Bow Windows

These windows give the home a more classic and royal look. These windows protrude from the outside of the home, giving you more interior space to work with in your home. There is usually a combination of windows to create the bay effect. Most of the time, a bay or bow window is designed with a stationary window in the middle and is surrounded by a casement or double hung windows.


Whatever window you are thinking of for your Fort Collins home, Lomax Windows & Doors can assist you in getting the look and functionality you want and deserve. We have a plethora of window choices through some of the best companies out there. If you have been thinking about getting a window replacement, call us now in Fort Collins!